• Web application using ReactJS and Redux from scratch, primarily focusing on a search interface.
  • Built NodeJS express server as middleware between an internal RESTful API back end.
  • Integration with AWS Elastic search.


  • Core web application in Coffeescript/Javascript ES6
  • Backbone, React, RESTful Architecture
  • Interactions, carousel, pop ups etc
  • Corporate partnership application with JB-HI-FI and Ikea
  • Testing: Webdriver, Jest, Enzyme


  • UX/UI design
  • Javascript for user interface
  • Testing: CasperJS, PhantomJS


University of Newscastle

  • Information architecture
  • Landing pages

Australia Council of Arts

  • Information architecture
  • Landing pages
  • Interative site modules including banner

Water NSW

  • XML data integration
  • Javascript for page interactions
  • Web integration


  • Javascript document search

Side projects

Sketch Export Generator
  • Cocoascript/javascript plugin for Sketch app

Tumblr Blog Previewer

  • Cocoascript/javascript plugin for Sketch app


  • ES6, React, Redux
  • Work in progress

React + Firebase Boilerplate

  • Boilerplate to get started in React and Firebase