There are many decisions to make these days when you want to commence a web app, depending on your business requirements, development time constraints and other factors.

As much as I love the idea of a decoupled front-end and back-end app. I don’t particularly enjoy the thought of learning rails, maintaining two separate codebases, building an API, performing SQL migrations, etc etc.

If you have seed funds and are able to hire people to maintain two separate applications, go for it but for the rest of us chumps who need to do things by themselves going back-endless really shaves off some development efforts.

By using Firebase as a substitute for a back-end we have a more intuitive method of maintaining a database and a simple API.

Presently it can take days to setup an environment, Gulpfiles are becoming so ridiculous in complexity web developers now need to know the basics of computer science to be able to build a basic website.

Download this boilerplate and get started in a couple of minutes.