Hi, my name is Kang. I'm a developer located in London, primarily focused on the front end of the web.

In my spare time I enjoy creating experiments in graphics and visual arts which can be found in projects.

My latest collaboration is Sketch Export Generator, a plugin for Sketch which helps developers and designers export assets for iOS and Android.

Currently, I'm a full stack developer in the content labs team at Net-a-porter. Working on a range of design focused sites and apps.

Prior to this I've been a developer at ustwo London helping them out with an eCommerce project for one of the largest names in the UK.

Before that, on the core engineering team of Airtasker.

I've also been at Squiz, making sites and apps.

Read about javascript development processes on my blog.

The following are the software languages, web frameworks and design patterns which I'm most familiar with:

  • Javascript (ES6)
  • Coffeescript
  • React, Backbone, Angular (frameworks)
  • Node JS
  • CSS, SCSS, LESS, Sylus
  • Unit tests and automated testing using Jest, Webdriver, Selenium

This site is currently running on Jekyll (ping me if you know of a javascript equivalent)

Elsewhere on the web: